Her Name was Love

“Her Name was Love” was one of my original projects consisting of eight spoken-word poems. I later decided to convert it into a book of poems and eventually added more to it over time. The systematic structure of “Her Name was Love” consist of spoken-word poems, poems, and interludes; all having its own story to tell while still being connected to the main message of the book. As you venture off into the book, you'll discover that everything you see or read of mine has a sense of vagueness to it – purposely causing you to think!

Her Lullaby

With the second installment within the “Her” series, Her Lullaby depicts a story of growing pains. A lullaby causes serenity; How when broken, it leads to a downward-spiral of unforeseen events. This book's message ranges from depression, loneliness, anxiety, self-loathing, etc. If we as people are suffering by daily self medicating these ideals in our mind, the only way for us to overcome is through the acknowledgment of the problem, “Us”. Instead, we'll rather just blame “Them”

Her Energy

Her Energy is the third installment within the "Her" series that explores the minds of human beings and how it tends to operates. With being inspired by Edgar Allen Poe (My Favorite Poet), Her Energy takes an analytical approach at attacking concepts and metaphysical related topics."Have you started to realize the reality we live in is a depiction of how we think? Inside our mind resides a war zone derived from an identity crisis, conflicting ideals, and a thirst for something more without a clear destination. So if I told you that all the answers you want in life that'll boost you forward lies dormant within the infinite resource known as your mind, would you believe me?